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Special ROI for Presale Buying 1000 MNO from this page. ICO is limited to 200 Masternodes.


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Earn Money within you sleep. When the ICO is finished it will open in the best Exchanges.

Coin specifications

Coin Name: Masternodo
Ticker symbol MNO
Algorithm X11 / POS
Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 21.000.000
Masternode collateral 1000
Pre-Sale Stage 1 1-29 February 2020: 50 Masternodes Limit - 900% ROI
Pre-Sale Stage 2 1-31 March 2020: 100 Masternodes Limit - 750% ROI
Pre-Sale Stage 3 1-30 April 2019: 150 Masternodes Limit - 500% ROI
Main ICO 1 May – 30 June: 200 Masternodes Limit - 350% ROI

One wallet for all Nodes

The increase of these currencies comes mainly from having a passive income, constant with an awesome returns (ROI). Within you sleep, your investment continues to grow and the crypto portfolio continues to revalue.

The new era of masternodes: Make it easy. You don't need to install and configure your private virtual server. You only need to download the wallet and receive the necessary coins to activate it.

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Build your own Masternode

We offer you a functional coin, based a recent source code of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin, Dash and PIVX. The coin is delivered as a software download with a Windows and Linux wallet.

We make blockchain technology available for everyone. Contact with us to create your own coin without any knowledge of programming.


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We can make a new Masternode Coin for you. Contact with us for more information.

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Invest in Masternodo coin and make the difference with all cryptoworld.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set one masternode up?
One masternode requires 1000 MNO as collateral. Masternodo.com is responsible for the installation and configuration of the VPS. The investor should only download the wallet and get the collateral.
Why masternodes? What do I get?
The design of our blockchain allows consensus participants sharing and rent of computing power amongst the users of the ecosystem. “Master nodes” are in charge of proposing new blocks and claim all transaction fees of transactions included in the block. The block rewards will vary based on the size of the network and the level of participation from everyone, and of course your own cost. The goal to introduce governance mechanism is to achieve a decentralized voting system that everyone has chance to voice themselves and show how strong their preference is while preventing a single group from quietly taking over the network. We don’t believe that there is a formula to forecast all the factors in an accurate way and we would not suggest anyone to attempt making guesses at this stage.
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