How to Create an Account on WazirX NFT Marketplace?

When you go to our NFT marketplace, you can see connect button towards your top right-hand corner, instead of sign up, what you traditionally see. So technically, you are connecting your metamask wallet to our platform. This means having a metamask wallet is a prerequisite for creating an account on WazirX NFT Marketplace.

So, once you’ve added metamask wallet as your chrome or Firefox browser extension, you need to click on the ‘connect’ button. After that, a drop-down will open with your different account numbers. You can select from the list of account numbers. Then click on next, which shows you the connect button from the pop-up again. Then you can see a message which asks whether you want to allow this site to add a new network (which is BSC in this case) as Ethereum mainnet is the one connected on Metamask. But on WazirX, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is currently being supported, which is not the case for metamask.

So, we need to add the BSC network’s details and allow it to add this new network on Metamask. Then you need to click on approve. The next thing it asks is whether you want to allow this site to switch the network, as you are switching from the Ethereum mainnet to the Binance Smart chain. Once you approve it, now you need to click on ‘sign’, which will ask for your sign-in details. You need to add your username, display name, and email id.

Once you click on register, you have successfully created an account on the WazirX NFT marketplace. Once you click on profile on the right top-hand corner, you can view your profile, your collections, creations, etc. Once you go to the edit profile, you can add all the necessary details. You can integrate your social media platforms also therein.

Check the full video here:

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