WazirX Warriors June Highlights

As we stepped onto the eleventh month of the WazirX Warriors Program, we are excited to announce it has been successfully running as the warriors continue spreading the right knowledge on crypto – busting the crypto myths on a regular basis. Though the market has taken a downfall, the rate of crypto adoption is going manifold, with more influencers and celebrities joining the crypto movement from around the globe.

June was quite eventful – there were many milestones achieved, some of which are:

  • Launched WazirX Warriors website, especially for our warriors
  • Received more than 2000 applications
  • 200+ new warriors joined the army

This is how the new warriors were welcomed

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Rewards Worth $8000 were distributed in June

Here are some of the highlights of the warriors’ activities in the month of June:

  • As Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade was the talk of June in the crypto communities, one of our warriors wrote a comprehensive article on the same

  • Warriors also kept the fun going, by sharing hilarious memes, some of which got featured on WazirX Newsletters, as well, here’s one for you

  • Some of the warriors shared crypto news to keep their followers updated and informed

There were a lot of other activities, but all of them couldn’t be added here.

Apart from these, the warriors have a weekly meeting where they discuss how to grow their communities better and faster.

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