XYO (XYO) Price Predictions for 2020-2025

In fall 2021, XYO cryptocurrency went through the second wave of popularity. The cryptocurrency was listed on Coinbase, Gate.io, and Kucoin exchanges – and here’s where the boom started. 

But what’s XYO actually about and will XYO price go up? The project was founded back in 2017, so there are a lot of milestones passed. Let’s explore the basics, and review XYO price prediction.

XYO Crypto Overview

Before speaking about XYO price predictions, let’s figure out the details concerning the project. We are kindly asking you to do your own research before investing in any virtual currency. And now – XYO!

XYO, the cutting-edge technology project, was established in 2017 in San Diego. The XYO network aims to take advantage of location-based beacons that are already spread around the world. XYO Network developers use this network to decentralize location-oriented services. In other words, you can sell location data online to support various services that rely on location data.

In other words, XYO is an oracle network of devices that anonymously collects and validates geospatial data or data with a geographic location. 

XYO cryptocurrency is not a real currency that can be used as an alternative to Bitcoin. In fact, XYO is a protocol token that serves as an incentive mechanism for the geospatial data network.

There are four main products that fulfill the mission of the whole project: 

  • Sentinel is a physical device in the XYO network that broadcasts a signal with its location and other data (e.g., temperature or time). When the sentinel is near another one, and they broadcast that they are near each other, this interaction is proof of the sentinel’s location. This kind of interaction is called a bound witness.
  • Bridge is also a physical device which finds bound witness interactions. When it finds ones, it confirms by placing the signature.
  • Archivist is a database that stores confirmed bound witness interactions.
  • Diviner is a node on the XYO network that answers questions using bound witness data.

Yeah, might sound a bit confusing. Let’s figure out how this technology can be used in real life. 

XYO Real World Implementation

There are many cases when the XYO project can be used. To learn more about the implementation, check XYO’s website.

The e-commerce companies that offer payment on delivery to certain premium customers are one of the use cases. To provide this feature, an e-commerce company should use the XYO network to write a smart contract. The network will track the package’s location throughout the supply chain – from the warehouse shelf to the consumer’s house and all the middle points. 

Also, retailers and e-commerce websites can enable this technology to confidently verify that the package has not only appeared on the doorstep of the customer but is also safely located inside the customer’s home.

As soon as the package is safely inside the client’s house, the payment will be released. Thanks to this system, customers can pay for goods only after they receive them. So, e-commerce services can provide such a feature without compromising security.

How much is XYO coin worth?

Searching for XYO current price and current market cap? Here it is!

XYO Future Price Prediction

Now let’s move to XYO price prediction. Just look at the XYO price chart below: it looks magnificent. After some significant steps, like listing on one of the biggest crypto exchanges, XYO is still gaining momentum. What’s next for XYO cryptocurrency in the next ten years? It’s hard to predict since the price depends on tons of factors. 


One of the main factors is a well-developed plan to improve the project. Here is the XYO project’s roadmap:


It is important to clarify that all exact numbers are calculated using machine learning. This means that the price predictions are based on the value of the virtual currency at a particular moment. Since the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, the price predictions based on such calculations changes along with the price of the asset.

Nevertheless, we have collected all possible opinions on XYO price prediction and are more than ready to show them to you. 

XYO Price Prediction by the End of 2021

The Crystal Ball says the XYO price will rise… Okay, we’re kidding. Here’s the XYO price forecast. The sources do predict an even larger increase in the price of XYO by the end of 2021. Here are the numbers:

  • Digital Coin Price: $0.12
  • Gov.capital: $0.05
  • Wallet Investor: $0.05

XYO Price Prediction 2022

According to Digital Coin Price, XYO is going to be around $0.06 the next year. Gov.capital makes a bit higher bet: the token will reach $0.07 by the end of 2022. Wallet Investor forecasts the lowest price improvement – only $0.05 per one XYO.

XYO Coin Price Prediction 2025

2025 is a long way off, don’t you agree? Therefore, it is very difficult to predict even an approximate course of events for such a long period. However, there is an exact price on the Digital Coin Price website: $0.14. Wallet Investor gives us almost the same figure: $0.13 per token. The most upset prediction has Gov.capital – only $0.09. 

XYO Price Prediction 2030

The toughest one. By 2030, the world may turn upside down, and the price of a cryptocurrency may reach at least a million dollars. But let’s get back to the expert opinion that the following indicators promise us by 2030. 

The farthest predicted year of Digital Coin Price is 2028, and the XYO price is $0.19. And that’s all. As you can see, even the machine learning thing doesn’t know the outcome of the market environment for such a long time.

Is XYO Token a Good Investment?

The thing is that the XYO price surged amid Coinbase listing. It means that we can wait for a price correction as soon as the hype will calm since here we face the so-called Coinbase effect. If you are a seasoned investor, you can try to capitalize on price volatility. However, we can’t say that XYO is a profitable investment.        


What is XYO worth in 2025?

Will XYO price go up in future? As we have already mentioned in the price forecast, XYO token’s price can touch $0.14 point. However, the price of an asset depends on several factors like overall market trend and the development trajectory of the XYO project. As long as the project is improved by the developers, we can be sure that the price can boost anytime. Follow any forecast system to figure out the price predictions. 

Is XYO dead?

If you look at the current price graph, XYO is more than alive. XYO Network offers an innovative and decentralized way of collecting, validating, storing, and using geospatial data. The idea behind the project is massive. So, there is no way the XYO token is dead. And look at its price forecast: it looks very promising!

Can you make money with XYO?

You can make money on any cryptocurrency and financial asset in general.​​ You can speculate on the XYO price’s ups and downs. To do this, register on an exchange that allows trading XYO tokens. We do not recommend you to make any speculative actions if you are not an experienced trader. 

What is the best wallet for XYO?

Since XYO is an ERC-20 token, it is compatible with almost any Ethereum wallet. Consider a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano to protect your coins. Multi-currency wallets like Freewallet or Coinomi are made to store your diversified wallet in one place. You can also use an ETH wallet such as MetaMask or MEW. 

How do I sell my XYO coins?

You can sell XYO cryptocurrency on any exchange where this token is listed. Currently, you can sell XYO for USD and EUR on the Coinbase platform. Follow the XYO news to be informed about all the listings. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this article are not financial or investing advice. The information provided in this article is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as offering trading or investing recommendations. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. Any investor, trader, or regular crypto users should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.

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